Link Commander Original url organizer. Supports Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera.

Link Commander

Link Commander is a browser independent bookmark organizer, that allows you to maintain and manage your favorites bookmarks. It comes with a built in browser display, and can also be configured to use Internet Explorer or a different browser to launch your bookmarks. You can maintain multiple collections of bookmarks (e.g personal, business etc.) and organize each with custom categories.

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Bookmark Navigator: bookmark manager 2.0: Bookmark manager and bookmark organizer

Bookmark Navigator: bookmark manager 2.0

bookmark manager is an ideal solution. Simply import the bookmarks from your home computer to any flash device with the portable version of the program, and then plug it in at the other computer. That`s it! Now you have full control over your Internet bookmarks while nobody else can access your bookmarks on that computer. Bookmark Navigator not only synchronizes bookmarks, but also helps you to manage them in a far more convenient way than that provided

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Advanced URL Catalog 2.26: A powerful bookmark manager that will help you to manage and organize your urls.

Advanced URL Catalog 2.26

Advanced URL Catalog is a complete bookmark management solution that will allow you to manage, organize, synchronize, remove duplicates and validate your favorite internet pages. Powerful integration with all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape) and with online social bookmarking services like You can import, export and synchronize your bookmarks between different browsers and in a few easy steps.

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Link Commander Lite Keep all your bookmarks in the same browser-independent collection!

Link Commander Lite

bookmarks collection can also be protected with a password. You can open bookmarks with any browser installed on your computer. For Link Commander, a Bookmark is not just a URL. When you add a bookmark, the program analyzes the page you bookmarked and retrieves additional info from it, such as title, short description, keywords, etc. This info helps when you through your bookmarks collection. Several instances of your Link Commander bookmarks collection

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Portable Bookmarks A portable bookmark manager that keeps your web links always at hand.

Portable Bookmarks

bookmarks database as if you were sitting at your own home computer. Portable Bookmarks guarantees real-time access to your web links in all of the most popular browsers. To keep the program up-to-date, a special edition of Portable Bookmarks was released. It supports the newest U3 USB storage device standard. The program also includes multi-language support enabling you to store bookmarks in almost any language. The creators of Portable Bookmarks

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ActiveURLs Check&Get - Web-Monitor, Bookmark Manager and Web-Page Archiver Web-Monitor, Bookmark Manager, Web Capture Tool. Essential for web researchers.

ActiveURLs Check&Get - Web-Monitor, Bookmark Manager and Web-Page Archiver

bookmark management functions. You can search bookmarks by their names, descriptions, or keywords. Lists of URLs can be imported from any browser or Office document, and added to your bookmarks. Check&Get cleans duplicate bookmarks and eliminates inactive links, so your list of web sites is always fresh and accurate. You can turn your list of bookmarks into an unlimited number of collections, and schedule web searches by collection. Check&Get works

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ActiveURLs Bookmark Explorer 1.3.0: Bookmark Manager, Web-site Checker, Offline Browser and Personal Search Engine.

ActiveURLs Bookmark Explorer 1.3.0

Bookmark Explorer can save up to 10 web-snapshots for every your bookmark. The program allows you to organize your bookmark collection easily, to provide the annotations and keywords for the bookmarks. Bookmark Explorer can detect and show you the dead-links so that you can clean-up or correct them in a snap. If you not provide the bookmark name, description or keywords, Bookmark Explorer will extract it from the web-page automatically. The powerful

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Surfulater Save Web pages, text & images, clipboard & file to your portable digital library


Have you ever lost valuable information you`ve seen on the Web? With Surfulater you can permanently save anything you see on the web or on your PC and organize it in ways you haven`t dreamt of yet. For starters you can categorize, cross reference, tag and do full text searches. Plus annotate and edit whatever you have saved to make it all the more valuable. Try it today and you`ll never loose important information again.

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Knorg 1.0: Knorg (short for Knowledge Organizer) is a tool for document organization.

Knorg 1.0

Knorg (short for Knowledge Organizer) is a tool that lets you download, organize and share documents regardless of their format and structure. Knorg combines and improves the functionality found in the following types of software: personal information managers, research assistants, clipboard watchers, bookmark organizers, content taggers, full text search engines, offline browsers, peer-to-peer clients, etc.

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Best MP3 Organizer Application 4.36: Best MP3 Organizer Application - Best MP3 Organizer, the Best MP3 Organizer

Best MP3 Organizer Application 4.36

Best MP3 Organizer Application - automatically organize MP3s with the Best MP3 Organizer Application. User-friendly best MP3 organizer software, PC best MP3 organizer application, automatic best MP3 organizer program and the cutting-edge best MP3 organizer tool can organize MP3s. Just download the best MP3 organizer software, music best MP3 organizer tool and best MP3 organizer. Organize MP3 - Download the best MP3 organizer application!

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